“Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tire?”

~ Corrie Ten Boom

A story about prayer…

        As we walked the dusty streets that morning the sun seemed hotter than normal. The numerous market stands begging us to come drink a cold refreshing Coca-Cola. The occasional ”hello cher” filled our ears. As we rounded the last corner before returning to Redeeming Rain Center the pungent smell of stagnant sewer water filled our nostrils. We soon arrived at RRC and the rest of our team arrived soon after us. It was a couple months yet until we could open RRC so we decided to spend some time each week prayer walking in our neighborhood. As we all sat around sipping our cold drinks we spent some time talking about what we had seen and some things we could pray for. One of the team members mentioned to pray that we would have a good name in the community and that the community would accept us. As we bowed our heads we began to pray and ask the Father to make Himself known in our little community. We prayed that we could be tools in His hand and serve the people in this community. As we were praying we suddenly heard tires sliding and looked up to see a lady on a moto crashing to the hot pavement. A few of us jumped up and went down to help her up and stand her moto back up and helped her walk to a chair to sit on. A few others ran inside to get our small medical kit. And someone went to get a cold drink for the bewildered lady. As some of our team cleaned up the scrapes she received from sliding across the pavement she told us where she lives and that she has a couple children. We told her that in a few months we will open RRC and begin teaching English and her children are welcome to come study. As she walked to her moto and was getting ready to drive off she looked at us and said, “You really are good foreigners!” We stood in amazement as we realized that we had just prayed that God would give us a good name in this community and immediately we had an opportunity to show God’s love to this lady!

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Are you looking for an opportunity to serve with us?

We as staff at Redeeming Rain Center have seen God working in many ways around the local community. It has been exciting to see the community come together and eagerly send their children to our center to learn English. The community is “buying in” to our vision. Are you?


Below are some current openings we have. If you are interested in one of the openings please click on the “Find Out More” tab and submit your name and email address along with any questions you have and we will contact you with more information.
We are in need of a teacher for our Level 3 class. You would be teaching four days a week, 1.5 hrs in the morning and 1.5 hrs in the afternoon. You would be teaching the same lesson to both classes. A solid structure and curriculum have been put in place.You would have the freedom to teach your lessons using your teaching style. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to teach English to children/youth in a developing country, here is your chance!
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In February of 2018 we purchased 4 student computers and set them up. We had a volunteer come for one month to teach basic computer skills as well as an introduction to the Microsoft Office Suite. We are currently looking for someone to come teach computer classes 4 days a week.
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